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What can you expect? What do we expect?

Hi #EMSSparticipants

Thank you for all your positive feedback on this event! We are overwhelmed and super excited :-)

We’ve received a lot of emails asking two very relevant questions:

1) What level of experience/how many years of study do we require from our participants?

2) What’s the level of the course and will it prepare you for residency?

The short answers are NOTHINGAi??and YES!

1) Well, actually we do expect something from you. A ton of motivation, good spirit and a great interest in Emergency Medicine – That is it! We are not going to shatter your dreams or motivation just because you are in the first or second year of medical school. Maybe you have worked as a nurse before, maybe you volunteered as a first aid responder, maybe you already are familiar with working in a hospital or have some experience with simulation or from clinical rotations.

Knowing your basic anatomy, physiology and pharmacology will of course beAi??an advantage, but we promise that even for the inexperienced this course will be highly rewarding and awesome. We are used to differentiating the level of our education to match the level of our participants, and we will ensure that the simulation and workshop groups will be made up with this in mind.
By the end of the week you will leave a lot more prepared to manage emergencies than ever before, no matter your starting level.

2)Ai??And for those of you who are doctors in just a little while: You are going to love it, and YES, it will be challenging. You will learn more advanced skills and algorithms than what you have met in medical school, and learn how to translate your theoretical knowledge in to practical competencies. This course is going to change how you practice medicine for the rest of your life.

Before you arrive at the course you will receive teaching resources consisting of short videos, fun presentations, algorithms etc. that we expect you to take a look at before you arrive – andAi??during the event, andAi??forAi??many years to come.

We promise you this is going to be an educational experience that you have not seen before, and you will improve – a lot! Both professionally and personally. We will use all kind of learning styles to make sure you all get the most out of the course, and you will never be bored or uninspired. We are pretty sure that your learning experience will begin even before you arrive in Copenhagen.

Denmark is awesome at educating young minds! We know how to differentiate between students and target the learning to just the level you are at – even in a mixed group.
And we have done it before! Take a look at this paper aboutAi??TraumaDays, it describes how we in 2013 educated students of all levels in disaster medicine (some of them got so excited that they are on the organizing committee for this event).

Or look at this abstract:Ai??SATS EM Resuscitation,Ai??where we describe the preliminary results from our Emergency Medicine Course that we have hosted several times each year since 2012.
We are especially proud of the words from the Editor in Chief from Trends in Anaesthesia and Critical Care who wrote these nice words about the work we do in this paperAi??The Educational Dilemma.

To summarize, we are prepared to meet you at your level and ensure that you will leave a lot more confident than when you came – and we know how to do it!

Keep the emails and the questions coming – we love answering them!

#SaveRobotsSaveLives #EducatingYoungMinds

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