What we would like you to know

To flip or not to flip (and flop)

That is the questionai??i??ai??i??..

But what does it mean when we in every single post remind you that we are going to ai???flip the classroomai????

The flipped classroom (TFC) is an actual concept for learning – not something we have made up or own or even are exclusive to doing. It is a teaching method – and we are dead serious about it. We are so serious about it that we have made it a dogma for the event and allow no lectures at all and even the opening ai???lectureai??? will not actually be a lectureai??i??

We are so pasionate about TFC that we actually plan for you guys to do most of the talking and the educators to shut up and listen – and maybe learn something themselves ;-)

There will be none of this at #EMSS15


The concept behind TFC is for the educators (notice how I keep using that word instead of teachers and instructors – more on that in another post) to provide you with materials such as slideshows and papers for you to study before you meet and interact in a debate and discussion in class. Maybe you use this model in your med school as well but then maybe you have also witnessed how TFC can flop big time! Study before class is not true TFC. If you have been really lucky, then maybe you have listened to podcasts, watched youtube videos and your professor has shared blogposts with you before having a facilitated discussion in class. Consider yourself blessed and tell him/her to come join us at EMSS15 – we would love to meet him/her.

Why you ask?

Because we want you to have the time of your life. We want you to actually get educated, we want to put you in the center of attention and in the most humble way possible, facilitate you to excellenceai??i??.

And that is not going to happen if we assume that you are going to enjoy listening to us talk for hoursai??i??or try to kill you with the very effective weapon known as PowerPoint!


We are scared to death of flopping this event ( well not actually, because it is not going to happen! but a little fear as motivation is always a good thing) so instead we flip it..

How you ask

Well – in a not so distant future a ai???FlipRoomai??? will open up on our webpage and that will be your amusement park until we meet IRL in August.

Here you will find your online teaching resources and in true #FOAM spirit – this material will stay online and freeai??i??. forever and ever and ever everai??i??really! Your learning experience will start weeks before you arrive – and will continue until the end of time (or until the internet stops working,Ai??whichever comes first). Here you will find awesome Prezi presentations ( only a fewai??i?? they can be deadly too..) educational videos, small tests you can take and retake until you get it right, videos that show you how to use the ABCDE approach, high and medium fidelity simulations so you can watch and re-watch how you translate the study material into practice in a complex setting and ohhh so much moreai??i??#InTheComfortOfYourOwnHome

We are super excited to invite you to our ai???FlipRoomai??? (or Flipville among friends) and we will let you know the minute the first material is available online.

In a short while we will also introduce you to the concept of #FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation) and #FOAMed (the associated hashtag) and we hope it will change your life forever.

The concept of FOAM also include that it is freeai??i??.We know you pay to participate in August – but none of your money goes to the educational part of the summer school. Be prepared for a massive twitter-plosion and live-feeds during the event. The money is for all the boring stuff such as food, accommodation, wifi (again tweets from 60 participants and faculty…) and transportationai??i?? Everyone of our educators and every tiny little part of equipment and every little part of our enormous simulation center ai??i??. FREE to support us on our way to provide you with exceptional learning possibilities that will last a lifetimeai??i??.(with occasional updates… use FOAM ;-) )