Vascular Access Workshop

Hi Everyone

The workshop in vascular access is a practical workshop.

We have 1hour and 45 min and during that time we will teach you the tricks to get in everywhere ( almost….)

You will get to train:

Intraosseous access – please go through the “Clinical Principles PowerPoint Presentation” Ai??power point via this linkAi??

and take a closer look on the algorithm for tibia insertion which we will be training in the workshop Ai??Ai??EZ-IO Proximal Tibia Adult Site & Insertion T-537 RevB

( If you are not confident in peripheral venous access it is possible to train that as well during the week – just not in this workshop)

And A-Line insertion and CVC – please watch the videos to your right


A- line insertion Ai??please watch this video

Central Venous Catheter Placement – please watch this video