Bleeding Patients

For the bleeding patients workshop, we would like you to take a look at the following resources:

To the right you will find a pocket guide – please review it. You can also download the PDF version.

Please notice: For the Bleeding Patients workshop, traumatic as well as non-traumatic bleedings will be touched upon. In general, however, trauma care is not a subject covered during the EMSS15, with the exception of traumatic haemorrhages.
We will focus only on moderately and severely bleeding patients (not anemic patients) and primarily on the standard TEG analysis.

Please watch the following videos:

1) An introduction to the treatment of bleeding patients, haemostasis and TEG by Dr. Jakob Stensballe ai??i?? follow him on twitter if you want to know all about damage control resuscitation and massive transfusion @ISCB_2015

2) A small demonstration on how to remember the most important things in simulation related to bleeding patients

For further reading and to read the references we’ve used read this:Ai??SATS EMSS15 – Bleeding Patients – References-further reading

Ai??SATS-EMSS15-Bleeding-Patients-Pocketcard-1 (1)Ai??SATS-EMSS15-Bleeding-Patients-Pocketcard-2 (1)



Video: Management of Bleeding Patients – Dr. Jakob Stenballe @ISCB_2015

Video – a small introduction to simulation and bleeding patients

Please note! – this is not a trauma scenario demonstration – it is a small demonstration to show you the things you should think of and remember when dealing with bleeding patients.


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