What we would like you to know

The Flip Room


We know you’ve been waiting for this for so long… but even #FOAMed dedicated students have to study ( the flipped classroom kinda way of course!) and pass their exam.

Exam period is over and for the last couple of weeks we’ve been working our cute behinds off in an attempt to fill up “The Flip Room” for you guys.

So what is “The Flip Room” ?

The Flip Room is your online classroom where all the material you need for #EMSS15 will be available. And it is a super awesome place that we are quite proud of…

Not everything is up but we’re hardly sleeping so stay tuned and check in frequently for updates!

We are super excited about The Flip Room and remember it’s #FOAMed – you can use everything in The Flip Room – now, before #EMSS15 but it will continue to stay online until the internet dies. You are also more than welcome to share it with your friends.

I really recommend you go and check out all of the workshops ( if you get an error 404 it’s because we’re updating/uploading – check back later)

Go play a game of “Who wants to be a septionaire” you can win amazing prices – and more important – you can save lives with the knowledge you gain!

Check out the Videos in the ABCDE and Bleeding patients room. And visit “Infectious Diseases” and see if you can guess just how awesome that workshop is going to be!

Guys – those of you coming to Copenhagen in little over a week?

We seriously can’t wait to meet you

#SaveRobotsSaveLives #FlipThatClassroom