Practical Information


Accommodation will be at Colleruphus, a cozy forest cabin driven by a Danish scout association. In the cabin, there are sleeping halls, each with room for 30 persons, 2 lounges with fireplaces as well as toilet and bath facilities. A mattress will be provided but you will need to bring a sleeping bag and sheet.

The cabin is located just 20 kilometers (about 13 miles) north of custom writers Herlev Hospital, and we provide transport between the cabin and the hospital and to social activities around Copenhagen. Guides will assist you from the cabin in the morning and back from the hospital in the afternoon.

WiFi is available at the cabin and hospital and is free of charge.

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When you arrive at Copenhagen International Airport you will already be close to your final destination and from the airport plenty of public transportation opportunities exists.

On the rightside of this page you can download a pdf travel guide on how to get from the airport to the Panum Institute, which is where you sign in.

The building is located at NA?rre AllAi?? 20, 2200 KA?benhavn N, Denmark as ghostwriter kosten shown on the map below.

Social Events & Media

During EMSS15 there will held a range best for over 40 dating sites of social events. Check out Programme for more information about the events.

There will also be a galla party, which is why we ask you to pack formal clothing. Check out the full packing list at the right side of this page.

We also greatly encourage you to share and like on social argumentative process essay money can buy happiness media and would love to follow your posts.

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Packing List

Ai??Ai??Passport, insurance papers
Ai??Ai??Credit Card or cash (DKK)
Ai??Ai??Sleeping bag / duvet
Ai??Ai??Pillow + pillowcases
Ai?? Mosquito repellent
Ai??Ai??Your personal medicine
Ai??Ai??Toiletry kit
Ai??Ai??Sunscreen and after-sun
Ai??Ai??Pens, pencils, notebooks
Ai??Ai??Small rucksack
Ai??Ai??Clothes and shoes for sports events
Ai??Ai??Formal clothes for gala event
Ai??Ai??Medical equipment
Ai??Ai??White coat (If you have one!)
Ai??Ai??Smartphone, cameraAi??& tablet/computer
Ai??Ai??Transformer (2 and 3 pin-plug socketsAi??230v)Ai??

There will be WiFi at location

Download List

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