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Curious to know what Monday will bring?

….besides breathtaking airway management and awesome medical simulations?? Read this!

Hi all EMSS15 participants – got your attention there, didn’t I? Well, that’s great because after reading this I’m quite sure you won’t hate Mondays anymore! At least not this one and this is why:

After getting skilled at medical simulation at the afternoon workshop and the daily debriefing a bus will be waiting to take us to our next adventure, two of the must-sees in Copenhagen – Christiania and Copenhagen Street Food Market!

Christiania, also known as The Freetown Christiania, is a well-known “brand” for the progressive and liberated Danish lifestyle and it has been a source of controversy since its creation in 1971 in a former military area and barracks. Until 2004 cannabis trade was tolerated by the authorities but since then, actions for normalizing the legal status of the community have led to several conflicts, police raids and negotiations, which are ongoing.


We’ll take you through a walk around Christiania where you’ll be able to enjoy its green spaces between the apartment blocks, visit the colorful stalls, Pusher Street and the concert hall “The grey hall” where huge names like Bob Dylan, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers have brought a piece of Rock’n’Roll to Denmark. We’ll make sure you’ll get the atmosphere of what people in Christiana call “The Freetown’s magic mixture of anarchy and love”.

Afterwards we’ll walk to Paper Island where dinner will be served at the colorful, easy-going and cheap street food market with a view to Copenhagen Opera house and the Royal Playhouse. Here you’ll be able to recharge and enjoy street food in all its forms at tables overlooking the water or in rebuilt shipping containers, how cool is that?! As if it wasn’t enough, Copenhagen Street Food is more than food! After dinner we might be lucky enough to take part in one of the many creative events at Copenhagen Street Food, such as local photo exhibitions, DJ’s and local artists. The slogan is “Everything is possible at Copenhagen Street Food’s market” - which of course we need to go see 
for ourselves!


csf-lafattoria-1 streetfood06

See you in Copenhagen #SaveRobotsAndEatGoodFood