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Are You an Activist?



How do you learn? Do you move around while repeating keypoints? Do you discuss in groups? Do you prefer to try it and get down and dirty? Or do you prefer to listen……and think….and think some more? And have you ever wondered why you always fall asleep during a lecture?

Most likely you have one dominant learning style.. and most likely you have a little of all of them. Knowing your learning style is the key to “works smart, not hard”, so read on and get a little smarter.


The keyword for you is “learning by doing”. Just like the pragmatist you are all about putting theory into practice. When presented with new stuff – you’re the first one to get your hands dirty and always seek to try things out. You are open-minded and curious and readily engage in new experiences. You often enjoy competition group discussions teamwork and simulation training is a match made in heaven for you. It is however also you who fall asleep during lectures ;-). You suffer when presented with powerpoint bullet overload and are easily bored. You are, however, going to love it at #EMSS15 – we’ve designed a lot of the week with you in mind!


The keyword for you is “why am I doing this?”. You really prefer to understand the theory behind the things you’re doing. We could perform a whole week of #EMSS15 without telling the activists anything up front. But not you! You want to know what is going to happen, and you want to prepare and get to know the theory behind the workshops. “The Flip Room” was designed particular with you in mind (without making the guy above fall asleep), and the suggestions for further reading are especially made for you. You like models, statistics and background information. I hope you feel very welcome at #EMSS15, because the references used have been carefully selected. Oh and yes – please enjoy the video about TEG in bleeding patients (coming up shortly), that one is made just the way you like it. You do like simulation training; maybe you’re not the first one to take the hot seat, but if you feel well prepared and are allowed to draw your own conclusions from the scenario, you are just as eager to play with robotic underlings as the others. You are however the first one to get annoyed with unfocused teachers, unstructured curriculums and we can’t fool you….


The keyword for you is “watch and learn”. You like discussions in pairs and small groups. Sufficient time to reflect over collected data so appropriate conclusions can be reached. You like time-outs where emerging challenges can be addressed and analyzed and being on the side-line is not so bad from your point of view. You do not appreciate time pressure….they kill reflection in your opinion. We’ve designed the #EMSS15 scenarios with you in mind. Sufficient time for scenarios and workshops and sufficient time for debriefing. You may get a little tired over the course of a week – but hey, you can reflect back on #EMSS15 for the rest of your life ;-). The videos of small simulation scenarios in The Flip Room? Yes, they are made for you… That way you can prepare for what we expect from you and you won’t feel quite as pressured

In simulation you’re one of the few that actually knows how to benefit from the observer role. And actually sometimes prefer it. In your opinion watching others do a good job is a great learning experience. But you do want to play along. You like having an experience and reflecting on it – so the debriefing is your playground.


The keyword for you is “This is how and why I do this”. Things better make sense when you’re around. There needs to be a link between what you do and why you do it. You are not only a lover of but most likely a (future) developer of guidelines. You are truly born for emergency medicine and associated specialties. You love workshops where useful practical skills are trained and immediate feedback given. And we promise we won’t bore you with skills not useful in everyday ED-life ;-). You are easily bored when learning is of no relevance to you or their is no practice or guideline presented. Don’t worry – #EMSS15 were made by people just like you. Have you visited The Flip Room? We have truly lost track of how many guidelines and pocket cards we’ve designed for you. But hey…. read the background material ok? ;-)  Not everything is black and white….especially not medicine.

Now – go take this test – and find out what type you are. We will be using this at #EMSS15

See you soon

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